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with Jon Daly as Sappity Tappity

edits from my new story in vice magazine

love a picture of a fruit stand

rue de antibes

kyle martin, jason lew, brett gelman

Beach Day

I waited about 10 minutes to take the top picture. The women who’s legs are featured was topless and in an insane screaming fight with a man who seemed to be her boyfriend. They had a dog (pictured), various bags (not pictured) and a shapeless soon to be bottom-less female friend (also not pictured). The latter was mostly asleep in the sand. When the screaming reached it’s peak she began to tear away at her bottoms. Tear away at them in the way that one tears away at packing paper.

blue days

Antonio Campos+ Josh Mond

Melinda Durkin, Daniel Bensi, Saunder Jurriaan

Me, Brett Gelman

brett gelman loves sun

The sky really was that blue.

barfight sailors


north shore