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sleeping at the Louvre

This series of photos is for my pal Hannah Heller who has lived in Paris for 2 years and has yet to walk through the Louvre.

She prefers naps in the Tuileries Garden ( Jardin des Tuileries).

I never met a museum I could not conquer. This was the one.

Asian tourists use flash and touch art.

I see the Mona Lisa and quickly get into an altercation. A woman shoves me, rather hard, to get ahead.
It makes me so angry I dig my nails into her arm and look into her eyes. I forget what I said.
BRETT pushes her, but only a little, having not heard or seen me stand up for myself.
A British woman sees him push the girl, they then get into a loud and abrasive exchange.

© Alfred Eisenstaedt

Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti in bed.

teen set